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wdcfplus - A Graphic Design Retrospective

I have compiled a series of design work that I had produced for the Whitefoot and Downham Community Food + Project (wdcfplus) from the years I had been involved with this non-profit organisation. I hope the examples illustrate the range of creative possibilities I had attempted to make, as well as keep to the brand (rounded font / emerald green colour / and circular shapes) that I developed and defined right from the beginning till now.    2021 Thank you e-card for volunteers 2020 wdcfplus cover image   COVID signage 2019 Logo revised Info sheet Facebook graphic 2018 Summer BBQ Flier 2017 wdcfplus flier A-side wdcfplus flier B-side Tie-banner design 2016 Infographic 2015 Volunteer badge design 2014 wdcfplus business card A-side wdcfplus business card B-side Community Gardens Logo Donation post-cards wdcfplus food catagory sheet Print friendly flier

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