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Janet Daby MP

It's time to hang up the rosette. Janet has just started her first week as MP and I, and our family are very, very proud of her. It had been some long hard weeks prior to her election, but I am pleased that it has been worth it, especially with all the admirable support she received throughout the campaign, and now in Parliament. Well done Sweets!

Recent posts

A Hiatus

Over 7 months now, and adopting what was once a two and three year old has been testing at times, and a continuous learning journey for Janet and I on how to be a parent (as well as educator, enforcer and entertainer, to name a few). As a parent, I agree that it is a full time job, and even though I have been back to work for some time now, it has become a continual juggling act to do both. But, that's not to say it isn't without its pleasures, like visiting local parks, museums, woods and farms, and watching Cbeebies, playing with Lego and jigsaw puzzles, and reading them bedtime stories.

Portrait with White Hair

A Lesson in Skin Smoothing

With this portrait of my wife, Janet, I used the 'frequency separation' method among other things to retouch the skin. Overall, I am quite pleased with the results, but I can't help thinking whether the end result has moved away from the natural (real) beauty captured in the original photo. Although it is now cleaned up and smartened up, is it obvious that I had messed around with it? Maybe I'm just being too purist for my own good, and no one will notice anything untoward with this photo.

Below is a link from whence I forged my PS magic:

Self Portrait with Beard

Trying to work on an image I had in my head. My face, in profile, was a photo that merged into some kind of drawn illustration. This was the final result of several versions, but I'm still not quite happy with it. Maybe I'll take another photo of myself - looking a bit less rough and ready this time - and try working on it again.

Recent Designs for wdcfplus

Last week I had been busy with several things, the first being a design update of the wdcfplus flier (I had originally designed) and a new design for a pull-up banner.

As I had to not only get the designs finished for print, I had to make sure the printers (Pink Sheep) had enough time to have them signed, sealed and delivered in time for the Phoenix Festival 2017 (which thankfully they did).

Held at Forster Park, Lewisham, on Saturday 13th May, the wdcfplus stall looked all the more impressive with its new marketing material. In fact, the stall drew so much attention that the tombola being run by the volunteers completely cleared before closing.    

Fun with Fliers

Some fliers I recently created for my wife.