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Mon Pere ce Heros

At the age of 17 year old my father joined the British army. As a sergeant, I was told he was stationed in an ammunition’s barracks in Italy during the war, and after in Egypt. (Unfortunately I have no service records to verify this.) He came to Britain from Mauritius during the late '50s where he brought over his wife, my mother, and they lived in a meagre accommodation in Ladbroke Grove, West London.  My mother was 10 years younger in age. They met through the same family circles in Port Louis, Mauritius. My mother came from a family of ten children, her being the second eldest. My father only had one sister. Their father (my grandfather on my father's side) disappeared early in their marriage. Their mother (my grandmother on my father's side) died when they were both very young.

From Ladbroke Grove, my father and mother managed to buy a house in Fulham, which had been our family house until now. There they had us six children, although David, the eldest, was born when …

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